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Spontaneous illegal camp of homeless in Moscow, 2015-2016

This project about the life of homeless people in a ravine in a park in a prestigious Moscow district was shoot during one year in 2015-2016. This is a spontaneous illegal camp with the elements of commune where about 12 people live constantly. The residents call the camp "ravine". People are here for different reasons. Some of them have relatives in normal houses near the park. Complicated relations with relatives forced them to leave home. They consider this way of life having not only negative traits. When the project started there were 6 tents here made of the accidental materials from the dumps: plywood, boards, carpets, cellophane, linoleum. Each tent was equipped with a self-made clay stove. In the summer the food is cooked on the open fire. Some of the inhabitants are working in the nearest area as street cleaners or at the recyclables collection point. The police demolish the camp from time to time. But the people still have nowhere to go, so after a while the camp arises again, just in a different place. Recent 2 "dispersals" have occurred during the shooting of this project. The money is mostly earned by the selling of recyclable materials collected in dumpsters (non-ferrous metals, aluminum cans, glass bottles). The food is obtained from dumpsters, where shops throw away the products which are about to expire. 

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