"Any child abed in lazy ... learns that the space between the window shade and the casement is a magic place, populated by spirits that cast their shifting, liquid shadows on the screen and tap out their secret messages on the window frame... Many of us forget the existence of such experiences when we learn to measure the priorities of practical life.

 ... a few, whom we call artists, maintain an easy intimacy with the wonders of simple perception. In this century many of these have been photographers, and the exploration of our fundamental sensory experience has been in large part their work. It is photography that has continued to teach us of the pleasure and the adventure of disinterested seeing. "


Sergey Trapezin, photographer

The most valuable in the photography for me is the awareness that the represented at the picture really took place. So when people ask me who am I - an artist or a photographer, I answer that I am a documentary photographer. Although, perhaps, many of my photos are much abstracted from the "everyday" reality. This is all the more enjoyable - to show the hardly noticeable side of the pure reality.

It is well known that the photography can not be impartial and objective. We can merely discuss the degree of objectivity of a picture. Black and white soft-focused photos are not less, perhaps even more honest in that sense than color ones which are got, for example, with a short- or long-focused lens. Because BW soft-focused ones immediately show that they are considerably subjective.

In 2016 - 2017 the project about spontaneous illegal camp ot homeless people has been published in several on-line resources.
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The great company of interesting and cheery people, wonderful atmosphere, new photo stories and projects, informative program.
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The Festival and the competition took place from 21 to 23 August near St. Petersburg