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Mental Hospital

This series is a part of  the “From White to Black Sea” photo expedition organized by Liberty.SU - the Fund for the Document Photography Support

Liberty.SU - the Fund for the Document Photography Support
(the series of expedition could be seen here – Part 1 (North, 2013) and Part 2 (South, 2014)). During the expedition, the photographers - participants of the expedition have initiated and together with the mental hospital management have organized the experimental 3-days art-therapy session for some of the hospital patients who wanted to participate. We gave one digital camera to each participant  and he or she shoot the things of own interest under the guidance of the particular photographer. Art-therapy have shown the positive results for some of them, mostly in the area of stigmat overcoming (socialization), partly due to the overcoming the usual boundaries, so the experiment was successful and it was decided to continue the activities in this area.  After the session some pictures of the patients-participants were published at the Liberty.SU web site and some of the patients' pictures took part in the photo contest and exhibition of ‘Ariadne's Thread’ - annual Russian international festival of creativity of the people with the  mental development specificities. I made all these photos during this Art-Therapy session during my students (hospital patients) were making their own works.

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