The most valuable in the photography for me is the awareness that the represented at the picture really took place. So when people ask me who am I – an artist or a photographer, I answer that I am a documentary photographer. Although, perhaps, many of my photos are much abstracted from the everyday reality. This is all the more enjoyable – to show the most unobtrusive side of the pure reality.

It is well known that the photography cannot be impartial and objective. We can merely discuss the degree of objectivity of a picture. Black and white soft-focused photos are not less, perhaps even more honest in that sense than the color ones which are got with a short- or long-focused lens. Because BW soft-focused ones immediately show that they are considerably subjective. I use the soft lens to emphasize the light, to visualize the air, to eliminate the unnecessary details and to generalize the look transforming an object into a symbol. And it makes the light tangible.


Born in 1972 in Moscow. Studied photography in 2002-2004.

Prize-winner of several photo contests. Participated in about 40 group exhibitions, including Siberian Biennale 2004 and 2007, Volga Biennale 2006, 2008 and 2010, Perm Biennale 2011, “Photovisa” (2011), “XXI My Pacific Ocean” (State Tretiyakov Gallery, Moscow, 2012), “From White to Black. North” (2013), Bath’s Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival (2015).

Was published about 30 times total in different magazines (“Foto&Video”, “Tsyfrovik”, “Russian Reporter” and other) and on-line media (Liberty.SU, “Takie Dela”, “Bird in Flight” etc). Participant of the   “XXI My Pacific Ocean” RIA “Novosti” project and “From White to Black Sea” (by “Liberty.SU”) project.

In 2019 published the book “In Ravine” about the illegal spontaneous camp of homeless people.

Now I am working on some personal projects and participate in the CloseUpRussia project.